Robert C. Binkley

Alternative names

Robert Cedric Binkley


December 10, 1897 Lititz

Places of work

1929–1930 Smith College

role: Professor

1927–1929 New York University

role: Lecturer

1937–1939 American Documentation Institute

fonction: Vice-president

1930–1940 Western Reserve University

role: Professor

Committee on Photographic Reproduction of Library Materials
1930–1940 Joint Committee on Materials for Research
1930–1931 Joint Committee on Materials for Research

fonction: Secretary

1932–1940 Joint Committee on Materials for Research

fonction: Chair


1922 Stanford University

degree: Bachelor of Arts

1924 Stanford University

degree: Master of Arts

1927 Stanford University

degree: Ph.D.
academic major: History


Primo Congresso mondiale delle biblioteche e di bibliografia
1936 Microfilm Symposium

fonction: Organizer

1938–1939 Journal of Documentary Reproduction

fonction: Editor

Historical Records Survey


MicroID 123470345
VIAF 56314023
LC no2003128496
DNB 157804100
Wikidata Q15431082